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What's the Pub Club?

Red House Farm Pub Loyalty Card

Pub Club members can redeem points on any food, Hot drinks or soft drink purchases

Eligible venues:

The Red House

 The Kittiwake (Claremont Crescent, Whitley Lodge, NE26 3HL)


 These points are then converted into money-off your next purchase! Why not save your points and treat yourself to a full meal 'on us'? Or spend them as you go, it's up to you!

You'll recieve a Pub Club Rewards Card which entitles you to the offer, plus other exclusive perks -

which you'll be notified about via our socials or newsletter!

We'll send you your card in the post!

Please provide your details below. This will also sign you up to our online newsletter. If you have any other questions about our Pub Club Rewards System, email us:

Thanks for submitting!

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